DICE Outline The Battlefield V Roadmap, Firestorm Battle Royale Coming In March

Three chapters.

Having promised a roadmap was on the way nearly three weeks ago, DICE have finally revealed their plan for Battlefield V’s first few months as a live service. In fact, they’ve gone quite a bit beyond that and given us an overarching look at the first half year of content coming in the Tides of War.

It will start a few weeks after launch in December with Chapter 1: Overture. This will see the release of the War Story: The Last Tiger, as well as a version of the Practice Range, vehicle customisation, and a new Panzerstorm map based around the German assault on Belgium at the start of the war. The finer points of this will be revealed in due course, as DICE bring weekly events and rewards.

This is set to be followed in January by Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes. This adds the Combined Arms co-op mode and a revamped Rush mode featuring bombs which will only be available during the Lightning Strikes chapter. Squad Conquest will also make a return with two teams of eight fighting for the map.

Finally, Chapter 3: Trial by Fire will arrive in March, bringing a new Greece map and DICE’s take on Battle Royale with Firestorm.

Battlefield V is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on 20th November.

Source: DICE

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  1. Wait, I’m a little out of the loop here but is this article suggesting Battlefield’s Battle Royale mode isn’t launching until next year? Glad I found this out before launch as I was very tempted to pick it up.

    • Maybe they’re waiting to see if everyone’s got over this stupid Battle Royale craze by then?

      Or they don’t want everyone to be playing that at launch instead of the proper MP modes? How’s codblops4 doing in the traditional modes? (Traditional multiplayer modes, since they forgot the traditional single player mode)

      • Craze will not be over by March 2019, it’s only growing in popularity.

        You’re right, maybe they are trying to avoid fragmenting the player base and are giving people time to play traditional Battlefield before moving onto something new. I suspect modes outside of Conquest will be very quiet once the Battle Royale stuff arrives.

    • It’s not just suggesting it, it’s saying it. Firestorm is the Battle Royale mode and DICE said all along that it would not be launching alongside the main game release, but coming some time down the line. We now know that’s in March.

      • Did not know this. Many thanks :)

  2. Far too confusing for me, which is another reason while I’ll give this a miss for the time being. Just give me the game & all it’s maps & game modes etc when it’s released – ‘Road Map’ just implies to me that the game is far from finished.

    • BFV will launch with not too far off the amount of content that Battlefield 1 launched with in terms of number of maps, modes and so on. Sure, it’s clear that they’re working on content for the Tides of War seasons thing, so it’s up for debate whether some things are being “held back” or if they’re just being very open about what and how they’re developing the game.

      Your argument could work just as well for when Premium was a thing and we knew that there’d be half a dozen different maps and a few extra modes in the game half a year and a couple DLC packs later.

      • I see what your saying, but the length of time it took to release all of the DLC for BF1 was ridiculous. I never would have bought the premium pass if I knew it was going to take so long to get the extra maps – then the latest set of maps didn’t even have (their new main mode’ Operations, and I’m not a big fan of Conquest.

      • The main menu does my head in too – I work on computers and it confuses the hell out of me! I’m sure sometimes the same buttons you click on do different things depending on whenever they decide to update the in game UI. It’s a cluster f*ck! Either that or I’m getting old.

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