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General Grievous Scuttles His Way Into Star Wars Battlefront II

With one of the funniest animations I can think of, the long-awaited General Grievous made his way into Star Wars Battlefront II yesterday. As part of a Clone Wars themed season, he’s easily one of the highlights for the long-suffering fanbase for the game, bringing his tall stature and some very intimidating special attacks. Check out his launch trailer:

His three abilities start with Unrelenting Advance, where he wields four lightsabers, spinning two of them at high speed in front of him to block any incoming damage, while also dishing out pain to anything they come into contact with. You might remember that one from Revenge of the Sith. Thrust Surge also used four sabers together, zeroing in on a target and thrusting with four deadly stabby things.

However, it’s Claw Rush that had me laughing. Dropping down onto his six legs and arms, he scuttles around at high speed. It’s a great ability to use to beat a hasty retreat, but can also be used offensively to dash around and knock into enemies.

Grievous comes with two skins now, his standard appearance and a battle-damaged look that’s inspired by The Clone Wars episode Lair of Grievous. One further skin is also planned for later in the season.

Source: DICE

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