Diablo 4 Was Allegedly Going To Be Confirmed At BlizzCon

The biggest story of the week in the gaming world has been the backlash against Blizzard for announcing Diablo: Immortal for mobile as its big reveal. This reveal was done at BlizzCon where attendees are generally PC gamers and have paid to be there. There was much criticism with many saying that the Diablo: Immortal reveal should have been followed by confirmation that Blizzard is working on Diablo 4, a strategy adopted by Bethesda when it announced Elder Scrolls: Blades before confirming The Elder Scrolls VI.

Now Kotaku is reporting that this was the original plan but for some reason the Diablo 4 announcement was scrapped only a few weeks ago. According to one of the sources speaking to Kotaku it was mentioned this decision was made as the Diablo team didn’t want to confirm Diablo 4 properly just yet due to a number of changes occurring with the project.


Blizzard now has a PR battle going on now to get people to give Diablo: Immortal a chance. Only time will tell whether the mobile title will be a success for the company.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Immortal was such a tone deaf announcement. No Blizzard, a room of diehard PC gamers are never going to be excited about a cheap mobile game.

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