It Sounds Like PUBG Is Coming To PS4 In December


Having been leaked on a few occasions, and it being foolhardy not to go after the millions upon millions of PS4 owners, it should come as no surprise that PUBG is set to come to the console after an exclusivity period on Xbox One.

The latest leaks come from PUBG appearing in the PS4’s game database, which was then confirmed by game analyst Daniel Ahmad when this this spread to ResetEra, and a third time when Eurogamer reported on the story.

Though Microsoft publish PUBG on Xbox One, and have invested in the game’s continued development through Xbox Game Preview until its 1.0 release in September, it seems that they only secured an exclusivity deal for one year.

Of course, the real question is whether or not PUBG can make the most of the PlayStation 4’s audience, with many more competitors than when the game first jumped to console.

Source: ResetEra via Eurogamer

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  1. No point now we have Blackout..
    I still jump in to the odd game of PUBG but it cannot begin to compete with Call Of Duty..
    Activision nailed the battle royale..

  2. A prime example of why these timed exclusives aren’t a great idea. I’m sure this will sell ‘fine’ as PUBG still has an audience but I suspect a lot of people won’t bother picking it up now that COD and, to a lesser extent, Fortnite have elevated the Battle Royale genre.

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