8BitDo’s GBros. Adapter Will Make Your GameCube Controller Wireless

A lot of Smash Bros. fans are likely bracing themselves to welcome a horrendous mess of tangled cables, adapters and controllers into their gaming set up next month, but 8bitdo, the makers of many lookalike retro Blutooth controllers, may just have a solution to your woes. Enter the GBros. Wireless Adapter for Switch.

With a snazzy purple GameCube design and colourful buttons to act as the Home and Screenshot buttons on Switch, it features both a GameCube controller port and Wii Classic controller port. The second of these means you can use the Wii Classic controller, SNES Classic controller and NES Classic controller with the system. Alternatively, it will work with XInput for Windows 7 and above. It’s powered by AA batteries.

Pre-orders quickly came and went on Amazon, with a $20 price and a promised ship date of 7th December – Smash Ultimate’s release date.

Source: 8BitDo

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  1. 8BitDo strike again! This looks very slick.

  2. Looks ideal. Granted I already have a GameCube adapter for when the Switch is docked but I might grab one of these anyway so I can use my GC controller in tabletop mode.

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