Sony Announce Permanent Reductions In Price To Top PSVR Games

The PlayStation Blog has a new post which reveals the Black Friday price reductions for a number of big PSVR games are in fact permanent. That means highly rated games such as Firewall Zero Hour are now much more tempting, that game is now just £15.99.

Battlezone Gold Edition is another title well worth a punt, especially as it’s now £7.99, and Robinson: The Journey was way to expensive at £45 but now can be had for £9.79.

Here’s a list of the permanently discounted games.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Robinson The Journey looks good but watching the videos on the store website it looks to be designed for the Move controller, anyone know if it’s just as good with the DS4?

    It looks like Sony need to update their store as it has the £9.79 price until the end of 26th November.

    • Robinson only uses the DS4 – motion controls were patched to the pc vr version but apparently not very well as the game wasn’t designed for it initially. Occasionally you’ll be annoyed that it looks like it should have Move control but ultimately it’s a relaxing, dino-filled exploration game with some beautiful locations and a handful of puzzles spread throughout. Lot’s of bit’s n bobs to interact with and plenty of wildlife besides the dinos to find and scan. Still one of my favourite VR experiences.

      • Oh – and full, smooth locomotion with the DS4 is there -if you have your VR legs.

      • Cheers TSBonyman, with the controller you see looking like a Move I just assumed it was the Move you play with. I stand corrected.

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