Black Friday 2018 – Find Today’s Best Gaming Deals

Black Friday used to just be a single day of mad sales, but now it’s more like a drawn out weekend of retailer shenanigans. If you’re feeling lost, then don’t worry because I’m going to try and cut through some of the chaff and get to the wheat of all the offers floating around on the internet.

As you’d expect, the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop and Steam have all already launched their digital sales. If you want digital games? Then follow those links.


For physical stuff, here’s the brief overview: If you’re looking for a games console, the deals aren’t anywhere near as good as last year, but there’s plenty of games to be picked up for quite a bit cheaper. Let’s dive in!


PlayStation deals hold a £20-30 premium over the best ones from last year. With that in mind, here’s Sony’s MSRP list, which is in effect until 2nd December:

  • PlayStation 4 500GB and choice of FIFA19, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 or Marvel’s Spider-Man) – £219.99
  • PlayStation 4 1TB and FIFA19 – £269.99
  • PS4 Pro and choice of FIFA 19, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Marvel’s Spider-Man – £329.99
  • PlayStation VR Starter Pack and Astro Bot – £179.99
  • Platinum Headset – £99.99
  • DualShock 4 – £34.99
  • DualShock 4 and FIFA – £59.99

You can find those deals almost across the board, with retailers not really going far beyond.

Moving on, Xbox Ones are more comparable to 2017. The standard MSRP is £179.99 for a One S game bundle or £379.99 for a One X game bundle, but some places are going beyond that. You can find the following:

  • Xbox One S with Fortnite bundle – £139 (Tesco in store)
  • Xbox One S with a game bundles – £159 (Tesco in store) – £169.99 (Smyths) (Amazon)
  • Xbox One S with Battlefield V, Project Cars 2 & Tekken 7 – £179.99 (Currys)
  • Xbox One X with Fallout 76, Project Cars 2, Tekken 7 & Forza Horizon 4 – £369.99 (Currys)
  • Xbox One X with Forza 7 & Forza Horizon 4 – £369.99 (Smyths)

And those looking for a Nintendo Switch will likely be able to find one for £249 at Currys, Tesco in store, or grab a console with Mario Party or Super Mario Odyssey for £289 at Smyths.


Everyone’s cutting prices left right and centre, with Sony doing well and pushing some price drops out to retailers for their first party exclusives. Again, some retailers are going a bit further.

Here’s the best we’ve found (and the occasional backup link):


Fancy getting VR, but not on PlayStation? Well Oculus Rift’s price has been dropped to £349 by Oculus, while HTC have dropped the price of the Vive Pro Full Kit to £1099 from £1299. Still eye-watering, but not quite as eye-watering.


Maybe you’re looking for something to enhance your gaming in some way? It could be more storage, it could be a new controller, or a new headset. Here’s the deals we’ve found:

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  1. Yes, all the deals on PS and XBox stuff are a bit poor this year, mostly sticking to whatever Sony and MS have decided.

    There are a few games at silly prices, but not a huge amount. Mostly as a way to get rid of some stuff that wasn’t selling. But not as much as previous years.

    Game are being as ridiculous as ever, of course. Chuck in 2 months of Now TV with all consoles and VR headsets, which I’m assuming is just a promotional deal with Sky and not costing them anything. Oh, and they’ll throw in a copy of RE7 with the PSVR Astro Bot bundle. Which is a weird combination. Play a bit of a lovely child-friendly game with cute robots, and then go and shit yourself in a terrifying house. Do not get the 2 games confused if you’re letting children play. (Actually, do. That would be hilarious)

    Amazon have a bunch of offers (PS4 and XBone) for Fifa 19 or Battlefield V and a fairly random selection of a second game for £50 to £65. BFV and Codblops4 for £65? Or BFV and Fallout 76 for £60 (presumably making BFV worth a massive £60?)

  2. Why pay £1099 for a normal Vive Pro when you can get a ‘McLaren Edition’ for £1450. The only difference I can see is the colour and Mclaren stickers.

    • Will it make next year’s McLaren a better F1 car?

      • I don’t know but it cannot be as bad as this year’s donkey.

  3. In case you can’t stand Curry’s but are okay with Amazon clogging their warehouse workers, the jungle based purveyor of everything are also doing Dualshock 4 v2s in many colours for £29.99. Any man-children out there splash out in Lego today?

  4. Slightly OT, but a sack of 480 Yorkshire Tea Bags are just £5 in Morrisons!

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