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Fallout 76 Is Being Heavily Discounted Already

Fallout 76 hasn’t turned out to be the award winning hit Bethesda wanted, but spare a thought for those who bought the game at full price on the US PlayStation store. The game launched at $59.99 but a week after release the price has been slashed to $40.19, almost a third off.

Physical copies of the game have also had the price slashed, you can now grab the PlayStation 4 version on Amazon for just £32.99, although we recommend you don’t. Xbox owners can pick up the Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition from GAME in the UK with a whopping £35 off the price.

Bethesda have been remarkably quiet for the past few days, Pete Hines, who is famous for his Twitter spats with people who criticise the company, hasn’t tweeted since November 17th.

You can read our review of the game here.

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  1. “slashed to $4019, almost a third off.” More like a 6711% increase!

  2. It’s not mean to sound horrible but “good”. They have to learn from this. Conceptually it sounded awful and the reviews are reflecting that.

    Right at the start, I’m constantly stunned that people don’t speak up enough about this. :-\

    • Yeah, I guess they just assumed fallout fans would just buy it anyway. Which is by no means the best way to think releasing a very Very unfinished game.

      • Have you actually played it… i mean above level 50.

        I havevand can tell you itsca lot more complete than games like Destiny 1 and 2 at launch.

        It is also less buggy than Skyrim at launch.

  3. I’m not sure what sort of discount could make the game appealing now.

  4. I paid full price and don’t regret it. It’s not going to win awards or be talked about years from now but the game has become fashionable to hate on. I haven’t experienced any technical issues that haven’t been in other Fallout games, my only problems are with the game design which I’m getting used to.

  5. Is anything known about production costs? From what I read it sounds like they’ve not done much about technology and not invested much into the story, as they seem to have left that to their player base to make up for.

    The whole thing makes me feel sorry for Bethesda and their excellent franchise, but seems a good case proving story does count and multiplayer is not the silver bullet making every game great. And that’s a lesson which I’m thoroughly convinced quite a few people high up at EA, Activision and others still haven’t learnt.

    • They are using a modified engine, the same engine as the previous games.

      The point on story is a complete lie. I am lvl 70 and i have seen an absolute ton of story a lot ive left for later as well as it was too much.

      To give you perspective the story is way deeper amd more developed than Destiny 1 at launch.

      I would compare this game favourably to previous FO and TES games, it also is a lot less broken than Skyrim was for about 2 years.

      In getting to lvl 70 i have had 4 server disconnects and a few graphical glitches, nothing game breaking and I can launch nukes yo give you a view that im at the end game level.

      The TSA review negative views for FO76 are a joke and suspiciously bad given the positive reviews they give. Reminds me a little of the edge.

      • TSA reviews are (according to Metacritic, and apparently based on 1879 reviews) slightly lower than average. 3.4 points lower (on a percentage scale). 49% of reviews lower than average, 46% higher and 5% same as the average.

        So their reviews are generally about right.

        And for Fallout 76, there are 7 out of 22 reviews (PS4 version) under 50%. Only 7 score 60% or higher.

        So based on the evidence, TSA review scores are generally what you’d expect, and Fallout 76 is shit.

      • FO76 is better than a lot of games that score above 6 in TSA reviews.

        3/10 is an absolute joke.

        Perhaps if it was Fallout call of duty or Fallout the destiny it would have received a minimum 7 on name alone.

      • Just to let you know, I don’t give a shit about other games and how incomplete they were at launch. I care about the game I love and if I don’t want to purchase it because it looks like a rushed piece of shit then I won’t. If you bought it then good for you have a great time playing it.

      • I have thanks doomslayer…

        I have actually played the game extensively as i have all fallout and TES games.

        You call it shit… that is your opinion based purely on not presentig one single measurable thing in your reply.

  6. It seems to be fashionable to trash on FO76 yet both Destinys had very good reviews.

    I do wonder if certain reviewers have ulterior motive for the low scores.

    3 / 10 is an absolute joke of a review and TSA should be ashamed.

    • There’s no ulterior motive, Jason bumped into a lot of bugs and crashes (which are far, far less acceptable in a multiplayer game than they are in a single player game where you can save regularly), and found that the manner of story telling and quest structure was cold in comparison to previous games. It didn’t work conceptually for him.

      Destiny is a very different type of game, so I’m not sure why it’s in your crosshairs, but I’ll bite. The original Destiny was very close to being a 6/10, with only the polish of its core gameplay and the Vault of Glass bumping it to a 7. Destiny 2’s issues only really became apparent weeks and months after our review had wrapped, but that’s the problem with live games.

      Hopefully Fallout 76 finds its footing, because there’s the potential for something good there, but our opinion (and that of many, many others out there) is that it’s being squandered.

      Anyway, you’re allowed to disagree with our reviews, but do so respectfully, share what makes it better for you, but don’t question our integrity.

    • I no longer have faith in Journalists reviews, Red Dead 2 was the final straw for me. I find it incredulous that it averages 97 on Metacritic. For a game to be a 10/10 it must be perfect or as close to that with a few minor flaws. After completing the game, it’s a visual masterpiece but has too many major gameplay flaws,which conveniently most reviewer’s fail to mention.
      Anybody else but Rockstar and it’d average 8/10 which is exactly what it is.

      • The only major flaw in RDR2 is it’s lacking the online stuff so far.

        Based on how much fun the online mode in the previous game was, once it’s in RDR2 the game will go from a 10/10 (which it absolutely deserves) to about 12.4/10

    • I question if you actually played Destiny, Stefan.

      Lets objectively compare shall we.

      Largely open world where stories also exist if you choose to follow them

      Overland features events, quests, mob areas, loot gathering

      Both offer 1st person perspective.

      Both offer what is considered end game though Vault of Glass was not available at launch

      Both are shared world multiplayer, i.e… you inhabit a world with other players and both have little impact on story etc..

      Both have PvP yet Destinys is far more advanced.

      Both are based on shooting and or melee combat against fantastical opponents.

      Yeah Destiny is nothing like Fallout 76… might as well compare it to a driving sim for the similarity.

      • Hey there :)

        My review is my opinion based on what I experienced. If you’re enjoying it then that’s great. I didn’t, but feel free to write a review of your own about how much you love it. I don’t particularly enjoy giving negative reviews but I don’t believe that 76 was ready for release at all. It is hugely unfair to the people buying it when it is full of bugs.

        Anyway, have a great day

  7. So you genuinely believe it has no gameplay flaws? I find that fascinating if so. I loved RDR1, it’d be in my top 10 of all time. But this bored and frustrated the hell outta me.

  8. I dont understand how thry could get it so wrong. I expected it would just be an improvement slightly on eso (which i loved).

    Instead i get the feeling its more of a fortnite type affair but free roam with nothing in it

    • Who TSA in their review…

      I suspect they barely played it and didnt get much pre launch support from Beth.

      The bugs etc are massively blown out of proportion as I said… Skyrim was worse and even though not MP it had game breaking bugs… fact.

      Othet MP games have had more issues yet scored far higher.

  9. I’m not sure why anyone would think that we could persuaded to give a game a low score. Low scores just piss off publishers so they don’t talk to us anymore and that makes our life much harder.

    If you want to level accusations like that maybe take a look at the places that never score anything below seven.

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