The PlayStation VR Mega Pack Bundles The PSVR Hardware With Five* Great Games

* Well, four great games and VR Worlds.

Sony are really pushing PlayStation VR this Christmas and have announced the PlayStation VR Mega Pack. It includes a PS VR headset, a PS Camera, and download codes for four really great games.

You will be getting Skyrim VR, which we called “a game changer for PSVR”, Astro Bot Rescue Mission which has a Metacritic rating of 90, WipEout: Omega Collection which we said was “practically essential for PSVR owners”, and Doom VFR which was gave 9/10. You also get PlayStation VR worlds, but apart from that you really couldn’t ask for a better pack of games.

The PS VR Mega Pack launches in UK on Monday 3rd December, and 4th December in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A price hasn’t been revealed but as a PSVR and Astro Bot can be picked up for £170 at the moment I wouldn’t expect it to be above the £250 mark.

Source: EU Blog

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