Here’s The New Trailer For Rage 2


Look, you might be reading this in the morning but as I write this it’s 4.28am, The Game Award are about to enter their fourth hour and we’re losing the will to live.

Here’s Rage 2, looks great etc.

Source: YouTube

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  1. This is and Far Cry are my most wanted from the trailer’s that have been shown.
    Would’ve loved Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 but wow well done Nintendo on securing an amazing exclusive. Maybe next year I will get one just to play it.
    Stanley Parabol looks like it’s going to be another I will pick up as I really enjoyed Accounting+ hopefully it’s coming to PSVR too.

  2. Did they present that during the show? I must’ve fallen asleep…

    And where is that Alien game reveal they (sort of) promised?
    Am very disappointed, will not (try to) stay up during such stupid hours next time.

    • But the game looks quite good, I liked the first one.

  3. Looks great. Tentative excitement considering I never finished the first.

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