Borderlands 2 VR Gets A Non-VR Launch Trailer To Celebrate Its Release

Now that I think about it, making trailers for VR games is probably really quite difficult. For one thing, you can’t really do them in VR, because the entire point of VR is that you’re in the driving seat of the experience, but then to do them on a good old flat screen? Well, I guess you just have to pull back on the field of view and show some hand waving?

Which brings us to the Borderlands 2 VR launch trailer, which does exactly that:

Borderlands 2 VR brings the entire Borderlands 2 experience across to PSVR, adding a few extras to make it actually work in virtual reality. So you’ve “Bad Ass Mega Fun Time” – AKA BAMF Time – ability to repel enemies and slow time so you can line up your new attacks, you can dual wield as much as you like, and have a choice between Move and DualShock 4 controls.

Source: press release

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