The PlayStation Store January Sale Is Now On… In December!

January comes earlier every year, doesn't it?

Sure, it’s not January yet, but Sony have kicked off their new year’s sale on the PlayStation Store just in time for people to unwrap games consoles and PS Store gift cards on Christmas Day. It’s a pretty big sale, with recent games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Battlefield V, God of War, Black Ops 4, AC Odyssey and plenty more all on sale.

The sale is running across PS4, PSVR, PS3 and PS Vita from now until 18th January 2019.

Here’s the list from the EU PS Blog with a few key discounted prices highlighted, but head to the PS Store itself for all the games on offer.

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  1. Time for my xmas pressies to myself! The Persistence, Downward Spiral:Horus Station and Detached … for starters.

    • Downward Spiral is a great game, I want Detached and Persistence too but first on my list are Moss and To The Top which I will get tomorrow. The others will have to wait till just after Christmas.

      • Good to know , i was actually going to grab it sooner as it was a good original price but sometimes it’s a good thing having a backlog ;)

      • My backlog of games is slowly growing again. Downward Spiral me and a mate went through it together. It’s the only VR game so far I have completed twice, I have heard Detached is a similar game so I will get that asap.

  2. Hmm, I’ve got £47 sat doing nothing in my Amazon account that could easily be turned into PSN credit.

    *checks sale*

    Nope, it’s not enough. And there may be a couple of large games coming next week anyway.

    Oooh, Moss for £15?

    *rethinks plan*

    • And random thing I keep thinking of getting everytime it’s on sale. Everspace. I’m sure someone had good things to say about that here. Worth getting?

      • I think that depends on your expectations. I thought it would be an open world kind of game, when in reality its kind of a string of like… Rooms… In Space? Dont know how to describe it, but its little contained areas one after another. The structure is very FTL like, just that you can fly freely around in the sectors you visit. I was a bit disappointed, which is totaly on me of course, i just didnt do enough research…

      • That’s what I thought it was like, so it’s tempting me still. And the version with some extra bits is only an extra pound or so. £1.20.


  3. Moss, or Astrobot, or God of War, or… half of my wish list is discounted. But my backlog is telling me not to…

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