What We Played #378 – Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2 & Kingdom Two Crowns

It’s here. Just a few short days till your house explodes in wrapping paper and you eat yourself into a food coma. Unless of course that is if you don’t like Christmas, or perhaps you have to work over the holiday. Hopefully what it means is that you’re going to get to spend time with your favourite pastime and maybe even get one or two new games to dive into, and it’s been another great year; make sure to check out our GOTY picks!

Alongside writing here, me and my wife run a pub, so it’s not exactly been a quiet time of year for me. Those good old amateur drinkers are out in force, but we generally have nice people through the door so it’s not so bad. I have found time for some gaming, and for whatever reason I’m really enjoying playing Final Fantasy XIII again via backwards compatibility on Xbox One X. It looks like a current gen game a lot of the time thanks to the 4K update, and I’m actually enjoying the story and the soundtrack a lot! On top of that it’s been a bunch of Switch stuff for review.

Jim has spent this week properly throwing himself into Red Dead Redemption 2, and “Boy, does that game go places. Although the shooting gameplay doesn’t feel particularly great, I can’t get enough of simply existing within that world.” He also started up Red Dead Online and has been enjoying that “way more than I enjoyed GTA Online” as well as Realm Royale and Last Year: The Nightmare.

Jason has been playing Rain World, which is an incredibly strange but wonderful little game about a slugcat. He also played Warriors Orochi 4, which is “aggressively mediocre”. Finally he’s been putting loads of time into Smash, “because it is the best”. Nicole meanwhile has been trying to collect the last few trophies standing between her and the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory platinum. “It’s ensured I’ve developed a real hatred for RNG trophies.”

Ade and his partner finished off the main story of Overcooked 2, “some of those later levels definitely tested our relationship – there was shouting – but we came through OK! It’s a great game and we’ll definitely attempt new game plus.”  Aran played The Banner Saga 3 “which was a bit disappointing compared to the rest of the series. Dragged quite a lot story wise.”

Thomas has been losing his life to Kingdom Two Crowns and also running the new Destiny 2 raid with his clan. He also finished “Spider-Boi” and has started playing Horizon Zero Dawn again. Steve got the platinum on the lovely Cat Quest, is nearing the end of Vampyr but has to play it again some time now he knows how it works. “I lost a whole district due to a bad dialogue choice. Still loving the atmosphere”. He’s started Tearaway on Vita and looked at a few PC games but is having some crashing problems “think it’s dodgy RAM” so he’s not got too far.

Miguel played a bunch of Ultra Street Fighter 4 with his roomies, and a bunch of Smash Bros Ultimate to boot. He’s made room for a pinch of Atari Flashback Classics and also spent a few days loading his new PS Vita memory card up with games.

Finally, Tef has been clearing each week of assignments and enjoying Battlefield V, dropped a little, but nowhere near enough time into Insurgency: Sandstorm. He also reviewed Shattered State’s branching VR narrative from Supermassive Games, and supplemented all of this with some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and NSMBUDfNS.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Cleaning up the backlog. Or trying to.

    Finished off Far Cry 5, and made a good start on the remastered Far Cry 3. And then got distracted by a whole bunch of RPGs. Bloody optional sidequests! Always make things take too long.

    There may have been some RDR2. Still definitely GOTY.

    And Firewall. The new map is great. Although that might just be because nobody really knows the layout yet and so there’s not so much danger of being up against someone better who just appears where you don’t want them straight away. It’s also very bright and noisy, and half the cameras are in the showers. They also fixed most of the level-related bugs, so it mostly shows you as the right level now. But sometimes shows you as level 1. Which is confusing because there’s so many new people playing and you never know what level you’re playing with.

    I think my backlog is going to suffer with christmas and the new sale though.

  2. Last week i played almost only Battlefield V. Clicked way more than BF1 with me. I also have the feeling i am somewhat good again at a BF game… Maybe its the more modern equipment, i dont know exactly why… I also got a semi permanent squad running with a few mates, so thats massively contributing to the fun factor of course.

  3. I’ve been tentatively eking my way through The Forest – it looks great, neat crafting and inventory system, building allows for experimentation, the enemy AI makes them more interesting than the typical zombies you see in games like this and the mystery, caves and mutants are the nightmare fuel.

  4. Mainly Onrush. My initial thoughts were that it was very basic, the mechanics weren’t brilliant and no wonder it was free on Plus, but after half an hour or so, I was still having fun and still playing! So I guess that’s the point. It doesn’t really matter that it’s shallow, it’s easy to pick up and it’s fun. Annoying the servers are playing up though, and still no idea why there was never a PS4 Motorstorm game.

    The only other game I’ve played is the other Plus freebie, Soma. Seem to remember Tuffcub singing it’s praises. I’ve only done first half hour, but seems ok. Controls are a bit clunky and I don’t know how bothered I am about the story, but it’s certainly atmospheric. Like Dead Space meets Bioshock, incidentally two more games that clearly should have had PS4 iterations.

    • Do yourself a favour and keep playing. SOMA is brilliant. I almost stopped playing after the first hours, not being overly impressed, but it only really started off after that. Easily in my top ten of all time. And I cannot imagine anyone not being bothered by the storyline, it is that good. Enjoy!

      • Sounds interesting! I’m up to the bit where the first trophy unlocks. Got some free time this eve, so will invest it in Soma! Nice one G!

  5. Been playing Red Dead Redemption II multiplayer everday. Ive finally reached Rank 50 and got all the online trophies done! Just have to return to singleplayer and get the remaining trophies (100%) to nab the Platinum.
    Also been on OnRush aswell and at the Superstars event (the last event) and currently Rank 44 still fun wee game.

    • With Onrush, I’m right in thinking all the unlocks are basically just aesthetic changes, right? Is there any benefit in performance by choosing a ‘rare’ item?

  6. Managed to reach level 100 on gtav, WHOOPEE!
    Trophy hasn’t popped yet, BUM!

  7. Was working way to much this week, but I managed to finish off the storyline of the mother of all games, GTA5, finally. Very good, of course, some mission designs were really quite cool, but then the game wasn’t anything surprising either. But I guess you got to play it safe if you invest that much money into a game.

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