Quantic Dream Teasing Something, Might Be That They Got Socks For Christmas

This week will see video game sites scraping the very bottom of the barrel for news as nothing exciting is happening and all the big companies won’t get back in to action next week, so when Quantic Dream tweeted they would soon have some “great news” the speculation was rife.

Is it DLC for Detroit: Become Human? A new tech demo? Wilder theories suggest Detroit 2, presumably subtitled ‘More Humaner’, it’s so exciting what could it be?

Look, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not going to be anything huge. If I had to make a guess then I would bet on some sort of remix of Detroit, maybe with a few new paths or some extra back story added in. It’s not going to be Detroit 2, that’s for sure.

There is one other possibility, but I don’t like it.

Rumours at the start of December suggested Microsoft were sniffing around a renowned third party PlayStation developer and were close to signing them up, and if there’s one developer Microsoft would love to bag it’s Quantic Dream. They have a unique style of game that is only associated with PlayStation so bringing them in to the Microsoft family would be a huge coup.

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  1. Couldn’t it be Sony acquiring them?

  2. They are going multi plat & developing for Xbox & PC

  3. There was talk of a photomode being added so i’ve been waiting for that before replaying it but i haven’t heard anything more about it for a while now. Microsoft acquiring them now would be quite a coup after turning down Heavy Rain originally – things might have been very different if they hadn’t.

    • They said they can’t fit a photo mode in there just isn’t any memory left to do it.

      • Oh well that’s that that then, a shame but i’m still looking forward to replaying it.

  4. I hope they aren’t picked up by MS, it will be the end of them. There just isn’t the audience on Xbox for these kind of games. I mean, look what happened to Insomniac when they thought the grass was greener… Sunset Overdrive would have been a huge hit on PlayStation for sure.

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