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Alien: Blackout Is Not Related To Isolation, “More To Come” Say Fox

After facing a barrage of negative comments and 9,300 dislikes vs 404 likes on the trailer for Aliens: Blackout the franchise owners have clarified a few points. Firstly, despite Amanda Ripley appearing in Blackout the game has no connection to Alien: Isolation.

“Blackout is a standalone game that shares Amanda Ripley as a main character but is not related to or a sequel of Isolation,” said Blackout’s PR company FortySeven in a statement. They offered the same statement when asked if the game was cannon, so it sounds like it’s not and just a throwaway bit of nonsense.

The official Alien Twitter has also tweeted that there will be more from Amanda Ripley very soon but that could be a book or comic rather than the multiplayer shooter from Cold Iron Studios we’re waiting on.

Source: Twitter / MSpower

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  1. Even given marketing as a discipline is typically not attracting the brightest people, it’s quite amazing how little they seem to know about their fan base. And how ignorant they were Blizzard went down the same path creating hype only to announce a mobile game, with similar results.

    The outrage on their Twitter account was impressive. Although some comments were not acceptable in my view, overall they deserved it.

    I very much hope they just found out how much a lot of people would love a sequel to Alien:Isolation. My current prediction for a release date: October 17th 2022.

  2. The YouTube comment “Even Colonial marines looks better than this” made me lol a bit too much.

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