Fantastic Four Teased For Spider-Man On PS4

There’s a big Fantastic Four event going on at the moment with the team returning to comics for the first time in ages, and there’s also an unsubtle hint that they will be showing in in Insomniac’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4.

Presumably this will be part of some new DLC, the game has sold over nine million copies so there are plenty of fans wanting more from the game.

Here’s the tease.

Insomniac have responded to the tease by tweeting a pair of shifty eyes, officially the only DLC for Spider-Man at the moment isย the City That Never Sleeps.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Whoa whoah whoa wait wait wait….. WHAT!

  2. Hell yeah, I was hoping more DLC for Spider-man.

    It’ll be a shame just to leave a game with that magnitude in sales with 3 dlc until the 2nd game.

  3. I can see it being new suits like
    Bagman Suit or Future Foundation suit.
    Or finally having the Baxter Building added to the games map.
    Finger’s crossed though it will be story DLC, I would love to see Johnny Storm and Peter Parker working together and their bromance being played out in the game.

  4. Belting!!!!

    I am still waiting on the DLC dropping as a complete bundle. This one means ill simply have to buy them individually as I cant wait to see this.

    Webslinger leading the way!!

    I can hear him from the top of the hill, shouting at all the other superheroes in games…. ‘I wear the tights in this town’ hahaha

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