Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Having A Double EXP Weekend, Starting Today

That's the spirit!

Nintendo have been trying their hand at event-based gaming in the last few years, and that’s continuing with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Today sees the start of a Double EXP weekend in Smash, which sounds counter-intuitive for a game that doesn’t rely on XP and ranking up for its multiplayer. That’s because it’s nothing to do with multiplayer!

As with the regular themed Spirit Board events that Nintendo have held since the game’s launch, this Double EXP and SP event is all about that particular game mode and the spirits that you can earn, catch, level up, and trade away. EXP is simply the experience that they earn from being used in battle to augment your own fighter’s abilities, while SP is earnt from fighting and can be fed to spirits or used to create new ones from spirit cores, amongst other things.

Either way, if you’re enjoying Smash and like the Spirit Board, now’s the time to play it!

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