Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Latest Trailer Follows A Hero’s Journey

There’s been no shortage of trailers for Total War: Three Kingdoms, ranging from pure cinematics to pure gameplay and everything between. The latest follows the legendary Zhuge Liang as he wandered ancient China and seeks a worthy master to pledge his allegiance to.


One of the key gameplay hooks of Three Kingdoms is that the game isn’t quite as concerned with nations and factions, but rather the leaders within them that add a certain mercurial spice to proceedings. Zhuge Liang is a cunning strategic leader, but wishes only to serve an honourable master, such as he finds in the form of Liu Bei.

At least, that’s the historical version of events, but should you prove virtuous enough in the game, you might be able to sway him to your cause instead.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is heading to release on 7th March 2019.

Source: press release

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