Lara Faces A Nightmare In The Next Shadow Of The Tomb Raider DLC

The plucky Lara Croft is still ploughing here way through packs of DLC with next, The Nightmare, arriving on January 22nd.

The pack will see Lara “journey in to her past” and face her ultimate enemy – low polygon pointy breasts! No, wait, that’s not right, let me check the press release… her ultimate enemy is… herself! Oh, well that’s a bit naval gazing isn’t it?


The DLC will take place in Croft Manor and will include a brand-new challenge tomb. Now call me Mr. Practical, but if I had a mansion I’m sure I would know if there was a challenge tomb located on the third floor. Surely you would have spotted that, maybe you were just doing a bit of light dusting, finished bedroom #23 and opened to the next door to find there’s a huge cavern with ropes and spike pits. You would remember that sort of thing wouldn’t you, and I would wager, go and disable all the traps and flaming death traps at the earliest opportunity.

Anyway, DLC, January 22nd. Enjoy.

Source: Press release

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