Black Ops 4 Blackout Gets Respawns In New ‘Down But Not Out’ Mode

Get back in the fight.

One of the cornerstone concepts of Battle Royale is that once you’re dead, you’re dead. There’s no respawns, whether playing solo or as a squad, but you can revive a downed player before their timer runs out or they’re finished off by an enemy. That all changes in the new time-limited event, Down But Not Out.

Live now on PS4 and running until 30th January – PC and Xbox players get the event on 23rd January and will have it run until 6th February – the mode lets players redeploy, so long as one of your teammates survives until the start of the next circle collapse.

It’s an interesting new twist, not just because it means more players are alive at the last few ever-shrinking circles, but that people are playing with full squads at that time. One of the things that sucks with squads in regular Battle Royale is that rounds can last 20-30 minutes and if one or more of you dies early, whoever’s left is at a serious disadvantage. Down But Not Out shifts that balance and could help make the game mode have a broader appeal.

It’s also timed particularly well, so that it coincides with a free trial week, which is running from today until 24th January on all platforms.

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