Explore The Farewell Wilderness In The Latest Days Gone Trailer

Bend Studios have put their all into creating the open world of Days Gone, and are showing it off in a new series of videos. Set in the Farewell  Wilderness, the trailer gives us a look at the thick forests, the lava tube caves, and the snow-covered peaks. It’s a location that thousands fled to as the pandemic struck, meaning the whole world is full of running zombie Freakers, whether it’s in the trees, while scavenging at truck stops and saw mills, or through the small towns. Of course, there’s also wolves, cougars and marauders who are pillaging.

Days Gone is out for PlayStation 4 on 26th April, and in a separate video, Sony would like to tempt you to pre-order. That will get you a Drifter Crossbow, and Nitrous, Gas Tank and Shroud upgrades to your bike. So… that’s good?

Source: YouTube

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  1. …is it bad…?

  2. I was pretty sure i had lost interest in this game but now i’m not so sure again, new trailer looks pretty good.

    • Haha I was about to type this too. Thought meh but that trailer caught me again.

      Really hoping it is good.

  3. Interested but no way a pre-order title for me, i need that sixthaxis review first ;-)

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