PlayStation Now is expanding to seven new territories in Europe

Good news for our beloved European chums / evil foreigners who take our money and control our country (delete as per your Brexit vote), Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service is rolling out to seven new territories.

PlayStation fans in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden will soon be able to use the service although an exact launch date has yet to be set. A PlayStation 4 beta for those territories will be running and you can sign up for it here. “Please note that this is a PS4-only beta,” explains the PlayStation Blog, “PC users will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the service.”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. They’ve also got a special offer on. £8.99 a month if you subscribe by the 14th. Looks like you get that monthly price for a year or until you cancel, whichever is earliest.

    Or the yearly price is £7.09 a month.

    They might as well just chuck it in for free with PS+ once we lose 2/3 of the games in March.

    • You’re losing games that no one played, so not really a loss is it? I’m expecting Sony will add something instead, my money is on a PSVR game a month.

      • No one played? Ok, the PS3 games have been a bit poor for a while, but we’ve had a few decent Vita things, frequently with a PS4 version included. There was even a month where the Vita game with a PS4 version was better than the main PS4 game (because Knack really is a bit shit)

        And the problem with adding a PSVR game is the number of people with fancy hats is about 10% or less of PS+ subscribers. So the complaints would probably melt the internet. And then the PSVR owners stand a much higher chance of owning whatever VR game they give away anyway. Seems like everyone with a PSVR buys everything they can.

      • There’s quite a few more people using their PSVRs than they are their PS Vitas. There’s a reason why PS Now on Vita was shut down – everyone’s Vita is in the back of a cupboard covered in dust.

        Same reason why you don’t get Vita physical copies anymore, Sony shut down production. Vita is, sadly, dead. PSVR aint. Go where the players are and give those who are active free stuff. Simples.

        People might complain but it’s just internet fluff, they had a year’s warning to cancel their subscription.

        By giving away free PSVR games it will encourage those who are on the edge of buying a hat to do so, and once they got a hat they buy more games and that’s more money for Sony.

  2. You really do have a low opinion of those who voted differently to you, don’t you? Well done on misrepresenting why we voted a certain way.

    • I think there’s a slight chance you’ve taken offence when a gate would have done. Those things are called “jokes”

      • It’s all fun and games until someone feels the need to mention Brexit or Trump… *rolls eyes*

        Definition of a ‘liberal’:

        ‘willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.’

        Seriously, when was the last time anyone met a ‘liberal’ fitting this description LOL!

        Joke or not it’s unnecessary and quite frankly, old.

      • Yeah, sure, it was probably a joke. But it’s a common thing I keep hearing. I think it’s his actual opinion disguised as a “joke”.

        We’re not against Europeans, I lived in a European country most my life, I lived in Cyprus. I love the Europeans. I don’t love the bureaucratic political union. I don’t understand why so many remain voters who have contempt for Leave voters don’t know the difference between Europe and the EU.

      • @JR, spot on.

      • Clearly a joke, Europeans are lovely.

        Apart from the French, obvs.

      • Fair enough, my dude. I actually enjoy the French lol.

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