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Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist adds a new Specialist, Blackout map changes & more

With a surprising cheesy action movie theme, Operation Grand Heist is the first major update for Black Ops 4 in a long time, kicking off a new season of content for the game with sweeping changes and additions across the board. There’s a new specialist, Blackout map changes, new multiplayer maps, more zombies and much more.

For Blackout, there’s a new Ghost Town location added in the lower parts of the map, which blends the old Standoff Black Ops II map with underground caverns filled with zombies, while muscle and cop cars give it a distinct cops & robbers vibe as part of a new Hot Pursuit game mode kicking off this Friday.

Multiplayer will be bolstered by the Outrider specialist, whose Hawk remote drone can provide overwatch and tag enemies, and who comes with a Sparrow explosive bow and arrow. The Switchblade X9 folding SMG, Rampage shotgun and Cha-Ching! money bag melee weapon will be added, and there’s the return of party games, starting with One in the Chamber.

Zombies fans won’t feel left out, as this season features the Death-Con Five Gauntlet set at the Pentagon, and with Ultimis versions of Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Nikolai battling 30 rounds of challenges. This will be sold as a standalone game on PS4 for the first time. Later in the season, a Hellcatraz Gauntlet will take the Aether story through their own series of challenges.

Black Ops Pass holders will get two new multiplayer maps, a Zombies experience, and some cosmetics.

Here’s a nice bulletpointed list of what’s coming to the game through the rest of this week:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 19:
    • Multiplayer
      • New Specialist: Outrider
      • New Mode: One in the Chamber
      • Massive weapon and gameplay tuning updates
      • 2 new MP maps for Black Ops Pass holders
      • + more
    • Blackout
      • New Destination: Ghost Town with two big locations
      • New playable structures throughout the map
      • Gameplay and Armor tuning updates
      • All-new Prestige system
      • Cosmic Silverback character for Black Ops Pass holders
      • + more
    • Zombies
      • New Gauntlet: “Death-Con Five”
      • New Perk: Ethereal Razor
      • Additional Tier Skip for completing Daily Callings
      • Support for Signature Weapons
      • + more
    • Black Market
      • All new 100 Tier Contraband stream including…
      • 3 new earnable weapons
      • New Blackout character
      • New Mastercraft Weapon
      • New Reactive Camos
      • New Epic Outfits
      • New cosmetic Jump Pack item type for more Blackout customization
      • + more
      • A newly-revamped Black Market featuring the return of Blackjack
  • Wednesday, Feb. 20:
    • A familiar face makes an appearance to welcome in the new Operation…
  • Thursday, Feb. 21:
    • Multiplayer
      • League Play launches in the World League Hub with our first League Play Event
    • Zombies
      • Support for new Black Market weapons
  • Friday, Feb. 22:
    • Blackout
      • New Hot Pursuit game mode featuring the debut of three new vehicles: the SUV, PBR, and Muscle Car

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  1. Excuse my ignorance but are the majority of the changes free? And it’s just a few smaller things that are obtained through the pass?

    • It’s a bit confusing, but I believe that most stuff is free or can be unlocked through play. Black Ops pass is the paid DLC and that does lock away the Black Market progression tiers, new multiplayer maps and provides instant access to some things, it seems. Treyarch haven’t done a good job of explaining it.

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