Get a look at Total War: Three Kingdoms’ more realistic Records mode

A big part of Total War: The Kingdoms is that you can play with the romanticised stories and powerful battlefield presences of heroic characters, as inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms fictional retelling of the period. However, for purists, there’s always the Records mode that pushes some of these dynamics to one side in favour of a more historically accurate representation of the wars that raged through Ancient China.

Creative Assembly explain that some of the biggest changes come on the battlefield. Records battles can be 30% longer, as units become more fatigued and the amount of damage they dish out reduces. It makes the games more like a game of chess, reliant on tactic and positioning than when a single hero can hold down a flank by themselves.


CA and Sega have released two videos to delve into this, featuring the Ironfist warlord, Gongsun Zan, going up against Ma Chao, the loyal heir of Ma Teng. One video is long, one is short. Let’s start with short:

And now here’s a long one:

Following a recent delay, Total War: Three Kingdoms is now set for PC release on 23rd May.

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