Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order To Be Revealed This April

Respawn’s new Star Wars game has been kept very tightly under wraps and so far no details have leaked, something of a wonder these days. At the EA Play presentation last June studio head Vince Zampella did stand up and announce the title, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, but that’s all we know.

That will soon change as the game is to be revealed during this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago on April 13th.

Respawn’s have a great track record so far, Titanfall 2 scored well and Apex Legends has pulled in tens of millions of players, both of those are shooters so we expect Jedi to something in the same style. Being a Star Wars game does instantly build in a huge fan base and a lot of guaranteed sales, but as we have seen from the Solo movie and Battlefront II those fans can be rather particular.

Source: Twitter

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  1. In Jawaese “rather particular” roughly translates as arseholes.

  2. And shall be a LIVE SERVICE because we love to be greedy! Also, a bloody announcement of an annoucement? COME On! Just reveal the damn game.

    Man, i’m getting cyncial and grumpy as i get older when it gets to the gaming industry.

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