What We Played #388 – Anthem, Trials Rising & PlayStation VR

Trials and Trials again.

I want to like Anthem, I really do, but I’m trapped by it having a few really lovely ideas and all the design and technical slip ups that it’s enduring at launch. Having done our Anthem review primarily on PC, I decided that yesterday’s update was a good time to crack on with the game on PS4, where I’d rather play it in the long run. It’s bad.

The game performs acceptably, and the scale of the world is wonderful, but it’s beset by server issues that constantly boot me out to the main menu after finishing a mission. I don’t lose progress at these points, and seem to be getting my loot, but after the third time in succession I was already pretty sick of it. Whoever decided that the BioWare splash screen needed to play before the title screen every time this happened deserves a slap.

Ironically, it’s kind of pushed me back to playing Destiny 2, where I’m catching up on things I’ve missed since the launch of Forsaken last year. I also played Tetris 99 for a bit and somehow managed to come third in a match, while doing our Trials Rising review was the theme to last weekend, which is as good as ever.

Jim joined me in playing Trials Rising, which is “the first game in the series to properly get its hooks into me.” He finds that score-chase rather moreish, but he’s dragged himself away to play more Kingdom Hearts III and some Dead or Alive 6, where he’s working through the “disjointed” story mode.

Nick P did our ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove review, played Apex Legends, Black Ops 4 Blackout (unsurprisingly) and tried to puzzle out who Dante and Nero are. Meanwhile, Tuffcub played Destiny 2 (unsurprisingly), Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Fallout 76, which he rated as “utter pants”.

Heading off the beaten track, Miguel played Horizon Shift ’81 on Switch, and Sky Gamblers – Afterburner, with the former much more fun than the latter. Also having “fun” with a game was Jason, who’s been playing more of Anthem.

It was a quest for the Dying Light platinum and the enjoyment of the game in co-op that kept Nicole going this week, but she’s also been indulging in Steins;Gate Elite, while Rebecca was surrounding herself with indie games. She finished the “astounding” Night in the Woods, Gris, and Virginia, which she said “may be confusing but underneath the strange cutscenes and visual imagery a truly powerful story hides.

Steve handled our The Lego Movie 2 Videogame review, which he did not have fun with, has been closing in on the Kingdom Hearts III platinum, and dabbled with Textorcist and the PC port of the Evolution card game.

Heading into the wilderness fo VR for the first time, Tom grabbed himself a monstrous PSVR bundle. His first port of call was Tetris Effect, he called Astro Bot “game changing”, had fun in London Heist, and ended up deciding that Skyrim was probably a bit too much for him at this point.

Aran finished off Yakuza Kiwami 2 and is now “impatiently waiting for Yakuza Kiwami 3 to get announced and released. Also started The Occupation with a review to hit next week.”

Kris played D&D in real life, and finally Dom put a score on our Dead or Alive 6 review. He says it’s “a good fighter depending on your outlook. He also played Anthem, “which is a good shooter depending on your outlook” and Swords & Soldiers 2, “which is a great game no matter your outlook.”

Now then, what have you all played this week?

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  1. The week was off to a good start on Sunday with platinums for the remastered Far Cry 3 and Chromagun VR (after a couple of puzzles that were driving me mad)

    Also, unsurprisingly, some Firewall. The 2 new contractors are making things fun. Or at least, the skills they added for them are. C4 on the laptop and winning at the last second after your team is dead is fun.

    And a bit more of XING, which throws some interesting puzzles at you later on. And looks very nice in VR.

    Then I gave the first mission of Hitman 2 a go, now it’s free and since I’d got it downloaded to play the first game in the new one anyway. I’m going to have to buy the rest of it now.

    Plus a bit of For Honor, which I’m quite enjoying. Makes up for next months PS+ being just about the worst month ever.

  2. Finally got the Vikings Platinum on Sunday! So that is the backlog getting smaller…. started Rise of the Tomb Raider and so far feels the same but will progress this weekend. Also played Soul Calibur V (PS3) should get the Platinum tonight I reckon….. first trophy from this game was back in 2012…. YIKES!!!!

  3. So I’ve been playing the DLC for AC Odyssey and I just finished episode 2 of the Legacy of the first blade – also known as Alexios and the tramp (she’s actually very nice – but we hate her)…

    Even though I knew in advance about the forced hetero relationship, it still pissed me off more than I thought it would.

    I don’t know why but for some reason I thought the ending had been patched after Twitter went into meltdown? I remember reading about the backlash and rolling my eyes but having experienced it myself, I was surprised by how ridiculous it actually was.

    It was obvious early on where the story was going but I quashed every advance and cringed every time the narrative tried to force my Alexios and this Persian ho together (again, she’s actually very nice – but we hate her).

    Even sending her packing on the first ship out of Achaia didn’t work. She still came crawling back legs akimbo – take the hint girlfriend. Strictly beef!

    Next thing you know my homo Alexios is cradling what can only be described as the Good Guy doll from Child’s Play and koo koo ka chooing like a right wally.


    Im gonna assume he was roofied and leave it at that. It just feels so wrong for my character. I think it’s actually tarnished my opinion of the game. I’m still looking forward to the Atlantis dlc but I’m not sure l want to continue with this charade in episode 3… unless they pull a Dallas and it was all just a dream (or a nightmare).

  4. This week for me has been lucky I won 2 PlayStation VR game codes on Twitter first one was yesterday Honor and Duty: D-Day and today I won a code for Dick Wilde 2. Other then playing them both which are very good so far I have been playing some older PSVR titles Apex

    • Construct and Hustle Kings VR. Tomorrow I am buying Intruders Hide and Seek which I’m looking forward too. (Damn phone sent the first part too soon)

    • Just got Honor and Duty myself. It’s not the best looking game, but it’s nice and cheap and quite a bit of fun. The maps are surprisingly large too.

      And as is often the case with anything in VR, people are friendly and talking. Although one guy did get confused as to which team was which and had to ask “Are we allies or enemies?”, which was quite amusing. I think he soon realised how silly a question it was.

      • Haha I love that poor guy, I agree with how friendly the community is for VR I went off playing normal games online but thought I would try again with VR and started off with Firewall which I got a few months after release, They were so friendly to me and noticed I was new to the game so they walked me through how the game worked ect.
        Have you played Intruders yet? If not I highly recommend.

  5. I had some play time with the kids this week. First, we played Steep, or better we tried to. Right after the very first drop using the wingsuit, it just wouldn’t accept us looking at this drop zone with the binoculars. So there was nowhere to skip to, and the message that we always could switch sports anytime was mocking us too, as you just cannot switch to this bloody snowboard, even though you’re carrying it on your back the whole time.
    Either this game is broken, or it’s a walking-in-deep-snow simulator. We couldn’t be bothered to walk over to the nearest drop zone for about half an hour, and so we played…

    … Q*bert..! What a great game. A true masterpiece. No wonder his game is unplugged and he’s jobless in Wreck-it Ralph. How anyone could think it makes sense to put this on a this gen console is beyond me.

    After that, we went back to Rayman Legends, which is always reliably fun, and we can all three of us play together, and it keeps happening to us that the youngest, often struggling to keep up, is suddenly the last to live and can revive the others. It is a truly brilliant game.

  6. Took the gamble this week and picked up a copy of Anthem. Its early days but I’m really enjoying it so far. Core game play is excellent, visuals are wonderful and its scratching that looter shooter itch that I’ve been craving for a while. Am sticking to solo for now so I can take my time and enjoy the story/setting.

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