Fallout 76’s Brewing and Distilling system and quest has been detailed

A forthcoming quest, Wasted on Nukashine, will bring a new crafting bench to the game which will allow players to create various intoxicating drinks. You will, quite literally, be able to craft beer.

The quest tasks you with “becoming the Wasteland’s premiere bartender” and will take you from the classrooms of the Vault-Tec University to a notorious speakeasy, home to Biv “Appalachia’s tipsiest robot” who will teach you how to brew.


Here are some the ‘adult’ drinks that you will be able to create:

    Wines and Spirits require some fermentation time to take advantage of their full effects as a “fresh” beverage. Let them age long enough, and they will change from “fresh” to “vintage”, and gain additional, more powerful effects. Here’s a look at a blazing spirit known as Firecracker Whiskey:
    Fresh Effect: Your melee attacks will result in self-immolation, damaging both you and your attackers.
    Vintage Effect: In addition to its fresh effects, Firecracker Whiskey will set enemies on fire from your ballistic and melee attacks.
    Beers require fermentation, but they are best served fresh and do not have a vintage state. Become the ultimate predator with an ice-cold glass of Hoppy Hunter:
    Fresh Effects: Increased scope stability and damage versus animals, but reduced VATS accuracy.
    Mixed drinks do not require fermentation and their effects do not change. Gulp down a Tick Blood Tequila Sunrise to sate your appetite:
    Effects: Your successful melee attacks have a chance to inflict you with a disease but may also refill your hunger meter.

Bethesda say there are many more tipples to discover, but beware, although they will give you a temporary buff, they also have negative effects including a hangover. The quest will go live later this week.

Source: Bethesda

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