Report: All Digital Discless Xbox One to launch this May

Rumours of another iteration of the current Xbox One have been floating around for a while now, the device is said to be codenamed Maverick and will be the first Xbox One console to ship without a blu-ray drive.

Those ever so mysterious ‘sources’ have been whispering secrets to Windows Central who have reported the console, now titled rather less catchy Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, will be available early May 2019, with pre-orders going live in the middle of April. It is said that this will be a near simultaneous worldwide launch and Microsoft will also launch a special edition Fortnite console with a design on the case, but it is not known which style of Xbox One this will be.

The gaming world is slowly moving towards a fully digital distribution system and Microsoft are at the forefront with their Game Pass, Project xCloud and Play Anywhere schemes. Sony are sticking to the discs for the moment but do have their own streaming service, PlayStation Now.

The move to digital has been held up in part by the reluctance of bricks and mortar stores, they make their profits from selling discs and if there are no discs they won’t stay in business. However, specialised video game retailers are few and far between these days,and you can buy a console from John Lewis, Amazon, or any other number of stores who don’t care about sales of games.

Previous rumours have suggested the digital only Xbox One will cost $100 less than the current S, making it very cheap indeed. What do you think of the disc less Xbox? Let us know in the comments.

Source: WindowsCentral


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  1. Are they seriously going to call it Xbox One S All Digital edition?

    XBox One SAD edition?

    Who comes up with these names? 😂

    Good idea though. I’ve been considering getting an Xbox just for GamePass so could be the version which suits me

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