What We Played #389 – Devil May Cry 5, Anthem & Kirby

I don’t want to distress anyone, but I have to admit that I’m quietly enjoying Anthem. Is it because there’s been a few patches that have firmed things up? Perhaps, or maybe it’s because I’m just playing a couple of missions each day and taking my sweet time with it. The characters are well-rounded enough to keep things interesting – shout out for Leeson who’s voiced by Brooklyn 99’s Joe Lo Truglio – and the flying and gunplay just feel really good. Whether it can fully bounce back from its shaky launch it’s hard to say, but I’m enjoying it for what it is.

Other than that I’ve been working on our Swords & Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon review on the Switch and had a lot of fun with it, as well as the Monster Hunter duo of World and Generations Ultimate. I love how Generations just feels – and sounds – like classic Monster Hunter, even if I’ve never been 100% sold on the Hunter Arts.

Steve got the platinum on KH3 but he’s becoming less and less sold on it the further away it gets. His son is enjoying it by “skipping all the black coat crap and just messing about in Disney worlds”. Other than that he loaded up Darksiders 2 Deathinitive in preparation for grabbing 3 when it gets cheap enough and is enjoying exploring it in his re-play. He’s also spent a chunk of time with his Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn review which is “woolly good but baffled why it’s not a Switch release”. He’s otherwise not had time for much else this week as they have a ridiculous Staffie terrier on home trial from a local dog shelter and she has proved more distracting than games.

Nick P handled our Devil May Cry 5 review. “It’s bloody excellent and I’m running through Son of Sparda mode at the minute”. He also got the plat on Resi 2, finishing it up with a frankly ridiculous 9 minute run of the 4th Survivor. He’s also started Beat Cop for review with mixed feelings so far. Of course, Blackout remains a constant in his life as well. Jason has also been playing a lot of DMC 5 saying that it’s just excellent. “I also got to play Sekiro and I am very excited but also very sad I don’t have it already”.

Jim has been played Touch My Katamari for the PlayStation Vita and having a cracking time with it. He’s also jumped back into Rainbow Six Siege for its newest free content drop, Operation Burnt Horizon. “Finally, having slept on it for years, I gave Driver San Francisco a punt and it’s absolutely bonkers. Easily one of Ubisoft’s best games from the past console generation and one that is more worthy of remaster than Assassin’s Creed III”.

Nicole joins the cool kids that have been playing DMC 5, saying “it’s a game that has taken the top spot as my highlight of the year so far. It’s modernised approach to traditional DMC trademarks is over the top and everything we’ve come to expect from the series and more. The long wait for this sequel has definitely proved to be a worthwhile!” In between she’s been edging ever closer to the Dying Light platinum. “Now only a single collectible related trophy stands between me and that final satisfying ping.”

Gareth has playing Wolfenstein 2, which keeps destroying him so often that he had to drop the difficulty. He’s also found time for the life-sucking endeavour that is Jurassic World Evolution; “which is fun because you can put dinosaurs together and watch them fight – I mean, care for their needs so they have a long and content life.” Tuffcub has once again been playing Destiny 2. “Basically that’s going to be my answer every week.”

Aran has been playing Bayonetta 2 on his Switch, saying “It’s very swish and fun.”. He also played The Occupation which “has good narrative ideas but has a lot of bugs hindering it.” Thomas meanwhile spent the week entranced by Tetris Effect in VR along with immersing himself in Skyrim VR and Astrobot. “I can only the the latter two for short periods of time. Damn you motion sickness!”

Miguel played Assault Android Cactus+, which is the latest version of his favorite twinstick shooter game. Besides that there’s been some co-hab co-op; “My girlfriend has been obsessed with Fortnite the last couple weeks so I also hopped in and played a few matches with her!”. Jake has finally found time to game again and been getting through some of his backlog. “I’ve been playing Realm Royale and Assassin’s Creed Rogue, mainly. I’ve enjoyed Rogue as it tells the story of a man that had reason for betraying the Assassin’s Brotherhood. I revisited Destiny 2 and its new expansion yesterday evening too.”

After some truly abysmal server stability made even getting into a mission a bit of a luxury, Tef sacked off Anthem this week. Instead he’s gone back to the warm, loving embrace of Destiny 2. He also visited a company whose name begins with “yoo” or “ooh” to play something in VR and managed to come third in Tetris 99 on two occasions, much to his disbelief. To top it all off (though he didn’t actually play it this week), he shared his thoughts on and open world Freak-o-system in his Days Gone preview.

Now, enough about us, what have you played?

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  1. Played alot of PS3 titles finally got Soul Calibur V Platinum on PS3 and then managed to plat another backlog NASCAR 2011 and recently Platinum a game called Master Reboot I believed to be free from plus last month or the month before.
    Started playing Lego Marvel again on PS3 (my 2nd Lego game) to get me in a super hero mood as I am going to see Captain Marvel tonight ^^
    This weekend will just be Lego Marvel.
    Enjoy the gaming weekend :)

  2. Randomly decided on many hours of Elite Dangerous again. I play it for ages, leave it a while, and then come back to find all sorts of stuff has changed.

    And some Firewall, obviously.

    Then started playing lots of Honor and Duty: D-Day. Which still looks a bit crap, but is lots of fun. Especially when random bugs appear. (It’s 1 bloke developing it, apparently). Respawning on top of team mates is fun. Respawning on top of anywhere up to 15 team mates who all seem to be neatly stacked up is very silly. If you’ve got a fancy hat and a spare £7, it’s worth a go. Just don’t hop in a vehicle if I’m driving. It ends badly.

    And then 1 of the 17 sales the PSN seems to have this week meant I finally got around to all the DLC for FFXV. How is the game 120GB now?? Fun little side stories, I guess. And the multiplayer thing is entertaining enough. And it was only a fiver or so.

  3. I haven’t purchased an AAA game for five or six months, nothing has appealed to me enough even though there have been probably half a dozen Assassins Creed and Far Cry games in that time. I have some good VR games but none that i’ll play for more than an hour at a time and i’ve been hankering for something meatier to sink my teeth into. So with that in mind i plugged in my neglected ext hdd and proceeded to redownload a whole bunch of AAA games i had previously deleted to make room. It took 2 days but now i have a few Metros, Wolfenstein, TLoU, TR DE and a bunch of other very replayable games ready and waiting.
    Even though i had already completed it in 2014, i jumped back into Metro 2033 as it’s the first in the series and i’m enjoying it all over again, about half way through now.
    And i retrieved a few smaller games while i was at it, jumping into Counterspy for some shorter sessions. Made some progress with that too and i think one more successful run should allow me to find the last couple of secrets.

    Oh and The Division 2 open beta but i’m afraid i found it a bit dull.

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