Left 4 Dead devs announce co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood which absolutely isn’t Left 4 Dead 3


So Turtle Rock, the developers of the original zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead, have announced a new co-op zombie shooter called Back 4 Blood. It’s nothing to do with Left 4 Dead 3, they quite clearly state that in their FAQ.

Is this Left 4 Dead 3?!

  • No. Back 4 Blood is our own brand new, original IP. You’ll be able to shoot up a lot of zombies like in Left 4 Dead, but there’s a whole lot of new stuff in Back 4 Blood which makes it unique.

Sure, nothing at all like Left 4 Dead. Apart from:

  • Being a co-op shooter.
  • With zombies.
  • From Turtle Rock.
  • Who say “We are going back to our roots.”
  • With a name that screams “THIS IS A SEQUEL TO LEFT 4 DEAD! WE ‘LEFT’  AND NOW WE ARE ‘BACK’ “
  • Both games annoyingly use ‘4’ instead of ‘for’ in the title.
  • Actually that’s so annoying it needs mentioning twice. Stop doing it, you’re not a twelve year old on MSN messenger back in 2002.

Anyway, ribbing aside we do know the game is coming to PC, XBOX One and PlayStation 4, it will be a premium AAA title, there may be micros transactions but they haven’t decided yet, and if there are “we want to do something that the community feels good about.”

The game is not Battle Royale, will include a campaign, and Warner Bros are on publishing duties with no release date as yet.

Source: Turtle Rock

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  1. Awesome news. The Left4Dead games are some of my favourite co-op experiences.

  2. If a non-sequel is the only sequel we can expect, then I’m all 4 it.

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