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PS4 firmware 6.51 is out and brings something Theresa May hasn’t got

Sony have released a firmware update for PlayStation 4 consoles, the second one this month, and it brings the strength and stability that everybody needs right now. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring a majority consensus so I guess your PS4 will just have to chug along like it always has for a little longer.

News of the firmware update was greeted with cries of disdain and treachery by Jacob Rees-Mogg who said it was the worst firmware like, evs, and he would never, ever, install it as it was terrible.


He installed it a few moments ago.

Meanwhile, a petition to roll back the firmware to version 6.00 has gained nearly six million signatures. Independent representative Chuka Umunna said that “Sony never revealed what version 6.51 would include and now we’ve seen what it will do we demand a new referendum to decide what happens next.”

The update comes with a 463MB ‘Divorce bill’ which contradicts a claim that was posted on the side of bus that said we would have more MBs for the NHS if we downloaded the firmware.


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  1. That was ruddy brilliant 😄😄🙌👏👏👏

  2. Haha

  3. How-on-earth-could-a-Western-European-country-ever-become-this-disoriented politics aside, my PS4 is actually stuttering quite a bit recently, on the dashboard. Hope they fix that.

    • I agree, my dude. Can’t believe the politicians are so out of touch with the citizens that they refuse, and/or frustrate the will of the people. Luckily, I believe we’ll leave in the end, once the self serving elite get punished in the ballot box.

      • Sounds like you’re responsible for this whole mess, well done…!

  4. It would have to go through more than 3 years of negotiations. But they wouldn’t fix it in the end.

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