What We Played #392 – Sekiro, Assassin’s Creed 3 & Space Junkies

That’s another week in the bag, and we’ve been playing games (and reading books, and watching movies and various other things too). I’ve been hammering my head against the wall that is our Xenon Racer review. It could be a great arcade racer, but is not. I’ve also been enjoying the latest Tomb Raider, even if it does feel like it’s going by the numbers and that it’s cribbing from Uncharted at the same time. There’s also been a little room for Valkyria Chronicles which I’m now playing yet again, but this time on the Switch, because it’s the best game of all time. For me at least.

Jason has played even more Sekiro, but other than that he’s had a good week from the sounds of it; “I’ve played Outward which is what happens when you take the feeling that staring at a huge pile of washing up gives you and turn it into a game. I played Space Junkies which is quite possibly the best multiplayer VR game around; it feels like Doom in space. Finally, I lost 3 hours of my life to Risk of Rain 2 last night and its exceptional.”

Aran has played a lot of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. “I’m on the final world now but will probably go back and mop up some collectibles. The game has really scratched my strategy itch.” Steve meanwhile finished Ni no Kuni and is pootling about with endgame stuff. “Not going to grind for the platinum, but not quite ready to leave Mr Drippy behind yet either”. He’s also had some Space Invaders fun with Super Destronaut DX and Titan Attacks. “Both cheaper than a cup of coffee and fun for a couple of hours blasting if you’re after some trophy boosting”. He also played Submersed on PS4 for review and downloaded a few PC games to start, also for review.

Gareth has played plenty of Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered and some RBI Baseball, both for review. “Other than that, I got a sudden urge for some Minecraft after seeing an image with years of update summaries on it and realised how much had been added since I last played (hint: LOTS). I am yet to see anything new beyond retextured wood and stone.” Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, obviously. And RICO.

Nick P had a little time on Sekiro at the start of the week. “Loving it so far but I’m super behind everyone else in terms of progress. I’m just starting to get the hang on combat. I’ve also been on the MK11 beta which is very, very, very good. Kabal has one of the best finishers in the game.”

Jake has also been playing Destiny 2. “I’m farming out kills while being under levelled and killing people above my level in Iron Banner. I have 425 kills so far and I need 500. Aside from that, I’ve been playing through Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee during my commutes.”

Ade has finished off Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst this week, which he thoroughly enjoyed. “I can’t imagine seeing the Platinum for it however, as one trophy demands you perform the following sequence: Vault, Slide, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Skill Roll. The thought of even attempting that scares me. I also did our Warparty review which, despite having dinosaurs in it, was pretty meh, and my son really got into Onrush this week. For a three year old he has excellent taste!”

Miguel has played Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon, which is super cute and super fun. He also started playing that new Atelier spinoff game Alchemist Nelke which is apparently a little less fun. He also played a little bit of When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, Legrand Legacy, and Braveland Trilogy. “Uhhhh i think I played a little bit of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, too, which is a Japan-only fighting game from the studio that made Under Night and Melty Blood”. And those are real things folks.

Lastly, Tef has been playing a bit of Generation Zero for review, which is very atmospheric but a bit too sparse for his liking, went ‘Thum’ and ‘Hmmmmmmmmm’ a bajillion times for our Yoshi’s Crafted World review, a bit of Space Junkies, though he’s not as enthusiastic about it as Jason, plenty of Apex Legends and a bunch of games at an [email protected] showcase earlier this week.

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Same as recent weeks, with a couple of extra bits.

    Agents of Mayhem was only £4 and is a kind of disappointing alternative to another Saints Row game. Reasonably entertaining for £4 though.

    Final episode of The Walking Dead was, erm, a final episode, I guess? Probably as good an ending as you could hope for, and better than the TV series, which died under a dumpster a couple of years back.

    Honor and Duty gave me my best accidental trophy of the week. An incident with the camera moving got me a bit stuck, I accidentally switched weapons, and in a panic I managed to bayonet someone to death. Which gives you a trophy.

    And then Path of Exile. That’s how to do a free-to-play game properly. Not even a hint of buying anything pay-to-win. And huge depth to the loot and character progression. The passive skill tree is possibly a bit silly though. 1000+ things to unlock there. Possibly too much loot that doesn’t fit with how you want to play, although that might be necessary since there’s almost limitless options for how you’re playing. And then it gets more fun around level 30+. Get an AoE skill by then, because you’ll be surrounded by swarms of enemies. And attacks that restore health and mana.

    Well worth checking out if you like Diablo-clones or free games. And a couple of freebies for PS+ for it too. An “infernal skull helmet skin”, for that Ghost Rider look. And a frog pet. The frog is also on fire.

  2. Finished my second playthrough of Resi 2 as Claire and absolutely loved it. I chose to play my B scenario on ‘easy’ and it was much more enjoyable than my ‘normal’ Leon run. Almost didn’t bother with a second run but you really do need to play both scenarios to get the full experience.

    Capcom killing it at the moment.

    Started the campaign for Battlefield V but I only played around 15-20 minutes before uninstalling the game and returning it. Real dud.

    Getting close to completing Far Cry New Dawn. Wasn’t expecting much after the last one (zzz) but I’ve really enjoyed it. The post-nuclear setting works really well. I kinda wish they’d ramped up the savageness of the reborn world and the other survivors. I found all of the characters (especially the twins) to be WAY too over the top, to the point where they were more annoying than menacing. I‘d love to see them do a darker take on Far Cry at some point with a serious story.

    I also completed Lego Movie 2: The Game (for the kids obviously…). The boss fights were great – would love to see them again in future games – but everything else was so bad. ‘Fan made’ remarks are spot on.

    Also I couldn’t believe they nerferd all the superhero characters (Superman can’t fly, Flash can’t run fast, Batman can’t glide etc.). Every character has the same abilities (no abilities)… The kids were so disappointed and went straight back to playing Lego Villains.

    I completed the final chapter of the AC Odyssey First Blade DLC. Lots of blubbing *cringe* and the emotional scenes didn’t really connect for me. I’m pretty sure Alexios was a Spartan – Spartans were ruthless – they sent their boys out into the wilderness to fight wolves for crying out loud (this was even in the game). So to see Alexios crying in nearly every other scene was quite humurous. And as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t look past my Alexios settling down with a woman and a baby (and a creepy old man). It felt like a forced marriage and I wanted no part of it.

    I think they wrote-themselves into a corner and even with all the backlash, they had no choice but to just go with it. Still, it surprises me that they went down this route and nobody in the ‘multicultural and diverse’ development team questioned it – especially given how much of a fuss they made about being able to choose your own identity. Total facepalm IMO. Anyway, at least the gameplay is still fantastic. I’ve played 130+ hours so far and could easily play 130+ more.

    Finally… I completed the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Chapter. Enjoying it so far but not keen on the missable trophies and collectibles.

    Clem is a real badass now and AJ is hilarious but totally unhinged. Don’t look at the flowers AJ! Clem gon’ killlllll u bruh! Well, hopefully not but it doesn’t look too good right now.

  3. Lots more Mario Odyssey and then Yoshi Crafted World arrived yesterday, so a few hours of that!

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