The PlayStation Store Spring Sale is now on, discounts on big name games

Spring has sprung, although anyone ‘oop north of the UK will probably disagree as there is snow falling, but that’s not going to stop PlayStation having yet another sale and there’s some big games on offer this time.

I’ve clicked through a couple of my top picks and added the prices, check out this lot.

Source: PS Store

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  1. I find it an absolute liberty that they’re actively encouraging people to buy driveclub by putting it in a sale when they’ve just announced they’re about to shut the servers down.

    • There’s still a lot of game there even after the servers shut down. And after four and a half years, are many people left playing it online?

      • Yeah bit pointless running servers when no one uses them, so turning them off isn’t a loss is it?

      • Well, there are 8 online trophies. 2 for being in a level 10 club (1 for joining, 1 for it being level 10). 3 for challenging another player (for sending a challenge and winning 1 and then 5 of them). And then 1 for beating a face-off, and 1 for completing 50 of them.

        The club ones are trivial, the face-offs come naturally after a few races, and you can send a challenge to yourself (everyone has an account for a different country, right?) and then deliberately do badly and beat yourself.

        An hour or 2 to get those few. The offline stuff is the long part.

        So a huge amount of game there, you just can’t get all the trophies once the servers go down if that bothers you.

  2. How is Darksiders III still so expensive? If it was below the £20 I’d actually pick it up, but it seems to be holding onto its value. It’s just as expensive second-hand in CEX too!

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