Bluepoint’s next game is a “re-envisioning” not a remaster

PlayStation owners should be familiar with Bluepoint games, they have remastered a number of classics for PS4 including Gravity Rush, the Uncharted Collection, and Shadow of the Colossus. In recent years their remasters have gone from simple conversions, such as Flower, to full blown remakes like Colossus which had new graphics, lighting and models.

At the recent GDC conference Bluepoint technical director Peter Dalton took to the stage for a presentation. “For Shadow of the Colossus we don’t call it a remaster, we coin it a remake due to the complexity of the project,” he said. “And moving forward to our next project, we call it a re-envisioning given that it goes well beyond what we thought was possible on Shadow of the Colossus.”


It’s rumoured that the project is Demon Soul’s but nothing has been confirmed as yet. Which game would you like remade for PS4?

Source: PushSquare

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  1. Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Action!!!!!

    and possibly.. Gran Turismo Collection, Timesplitters Collection, Killzone 3 and 4, Burnout 1 and 2, Powerstone for PS4 with full online. Any of these would be welcomed but MSG:TEA would be my absolute choice.

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