Hitman 2 content roadmap reveals trips to a bank, prison and holiday resort for Agent 47

A few new contracts are coming in for Agent 47 this year, as IO Interactive have revealed some of the content coming in the Expansion Pass. There’s a mixture of new Sniper maps, new locations, special assignments and more, while they’ll be continuing with their free weekly content in the form of Challenge Packs, Elusive Targets, Community Escalations and Featured Contracts.


New locations that Agent 47 will be heading off to include The Bank this summer and The Resort in the autumn as two new main game locations, while the Sniper Assassin sniping game mode will head to Hantu Port this spring and The Prison in autumn. The above image details a bunch of other content, such as themes and outfits, as well as the tiers to their availability, depending on what version of the game and expansion pass you own.

We really liked Hitman 2 when it released at the end of last year – catch our Hitman 2 review – as it took the great Hitman formula from the 2016 reboot and continued to refine, polish and add to it.

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