[UPDATE]Aliens vs. Predator (and other games) teased by Capcom

The Capcom Twitter account has posted a teaser video that shows a number of classic games reflected across there large buttons, ones that you would find on an arcade unit.

We are guessing this is a none-too-subtle hint that a collection of Capcom arcade classics will be released, although it could be a Capcom Classic mini console.

The video shows Giga Wing, a shoot ’em up, a Street Fighter game, Darkstalkers, and rather excitingly, Aliens vs. Predator. This is confirmed as the end of the trailer has the legal copyright information for AvP.

UPDATE: According to Nintendo Life this is not a collection for consoles, it’s a premium arcade stick with the games built it. They say it might retail at around £200, so that can get right in the sea.

Source: Capcom

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  1. I would love a proper AvP sequel, or at least a remaster of the PS3 version. Criminally undersupported and so much fun.

  2. Update* hahahahahahahahahaha…… oh man hahahahahaha


  3. Gutted after reading the update. Loved AvP on PS3, first game that got me into online multiplayer- I’d steered clear of it before then. Playing as the Alien was the most disorienting and motion sickness inducing experience, but so much fun.

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