[UPDATE] Destiny 2’s Eva Levante missing? Bungie offer a fix


Destiny 2’s The Revelry event, which runs for the next three weeks or so, has got off to a rather bad start as the key character for the whole event is missing. Eva Levante should be standing in her normal spot in the Tower Bazaar but she’s conspicuously absent. The problem seems to be affecting players on all three formats.

Without Eva players cannot start any of the Revelry content, which includes  a new game mode, the Verdant Forest.  When it was announced that Eva was in charge of The Revelry I did write “Personally I don’t trust her,” and I been proven correct. Twitter, as you might expect, is having a field day.

Some people are reporting Eva is there the first time they visit the Tower but vanish soon after, some are even saying she blinks out of existence in front of them.

UPDATE: Bungie have responded on their forums with this really handy piece of advice: “Unfortunately, you’ll just have to keep going to Orbit and going back into the Tower until she loads in. You may want to consider loading at the Annex section of the Tower instead of the Courtyard.”

I’m happy to report that on my fourth try she appeared.

UPDATE #2: She’s vanished again, as has every other character. There seems to server issues on PS4.

Source: Me playing Destiny 2 and lots of angry people on Twitter

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