PlayStation Store’s Spring Sale just got bigger, new games added

The Spring Sale on the PlayStation continues and Sony have added a bunch of big name games to the list. The Deluxe Edition of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is almost half price, Battlefield V is £30, and the excellent Titanfall 2 is just £6.49 so you really should buy that.

You could even pick up Fallout 76 for £29.99. Bargain.


Here are the new offers, to check out the previous deals that are still running click here.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. Might pick up the Grand Tour game to play with the boy.

    • It’s a good sofa game, my lad loves it & a good amount of content for the price

      It includes about 80% of each episode too, just in case your want to see it & don’t have a Prime Sub

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