Learn about Deacon’s bike ahead of the launch of Days Gone


We’re just days away from the launch of Sony’s next big PlayStation exclusive, Days Gone, and a new video has been posted in which you can learn about Deacon’s ‘critical advantage’, his motorbike.

Deacon is a member of the Mongrels MC, an outlaw motorbike gang, which means he has a strong connection to his bike which the developers, Bend Studios, wanted to explore. They say the game has a ‘survival light’ component as you can run out fuel, and you will also need to think ahead when parking as you may need to orientate the vehicle so you can make a quick getaway.

We recently sat down with writer and director of Day’s Gone, John Garvin, and he explained a little more about these l aspects of the game.

“We call it action survival, because we don’t want to be a hardcore survival game where you’re managing every aspect of your life,” said John. “We want to have just enough to create that tension and, again, ground it in reality. So yeah, you have to find fuel for your bike, but we don’t make impossible to find. Instead, we make it dangerous to find.”

“If you go up to a gas station and pull in, you never know if you’ll find a marauder ambush, Freakers living in a nest in the garage. You know where to find fuel, it’s just dangerous to get it,” he adds.

If you’re a fan of Days Gone then you may be interested in the full soundtrack, the 25-track album is available on all major streaming platforms and includes a track from UK chart-topper, Lewis Capaldi. There’s also a range of rather pricey clothing from fashion label Diesel.

Make sure to check out our hands on Days Gone preview here. The game is out exclusively for PlayStation 4 on April 26th, with reviews going live on April 25th at 13.01pm BST.

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