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PlayStation 5 will not launch until at least March 2020, PS4 sales hit 96.8M

Sony have been posting their financial reports and it’s champagne all round as once again they have had their best year ever in terms of net and operating profit, breaking 2017’s record. That’s quite staggering when just a few years ago in 2014 they reported a loss of $1.15 billion, the management have really turned the company around and PlayStation is the star of the show, bringing in nearly 35% of all the profit.

Here are the top five arms of Sony in terms of profit .

  1. Game & Network Services : ¥311.1bn / $2.81B (34.8%)
  2. Music : ¥232.5bn / $2.10B (26%)
  3. Financial Services : ¥161.5bn / $1.46B (18.1%)
  4. Semiconductors : ¥143.9bn / $1.30 (16.1%)
  5. Home Entertainment & Sound : ¥89.7bn / $0.810B (10%)

PlayStation Plus subscribers continue to grow with 36.4 million users and PlayStation Now is trundling along with around 700,000 subscribers.That doesn’t seem much but we do know that PS Now is the leading streaming platform so the others must have a very small subscriber base.

Worldwide sales for PlayStation 4 have now reached 96.8 million so it should overtake lifetime sales of PS1 (104m) within a few months but still a long way off the record breaking 155m sales of PlayStation 2.That said, the PlayStation 4 has already exceeded the profits of the second console. PS4 profits from just FY2018 alone were $2.81B, which exceed the lifetime profits of the PlayStation 2, which were $2.22B.

Sony have said that a huge amount of money (around Y31.1 billion) will be invested in the PlayStation 5, and although it was not mentioned in the financials we do know that the console will not be out for at least twelve months.

Takashi Mochizuki, a Tech reporter for the Wall Street Journal, tweeted the news saying he had spoken to Sony and added “SIE PR says no release over next 12mo is response it is giving everyone when asked.” The next twelve months refers to the financial year running until March 2020.

Sony announced the PlayStation 4 in February 2013 and it eventually went on sale on November the same year and we expect a similar pattern for the PlayStation 5.

Source: Twitter / ResetEra

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  1. Excellent news. The more competitive they are, the better for the consumer. Same goes for Microsoft and Nintendo (and all of PC gaming). Keeps everyone on their toes. :-)

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