Google Stadia is a’great opportunity’ for Activision


You could practically here the dollar signs popping in Bob Kotick’s eyes during a recent Activision investor call. Our old pal Bob was discussing streaming systems such as Google’s recently announced Stadia platform.

“When you own 30 years of IP like we do, there’s probably never been a better time to be in the games business,” said Bob. “And when these big well-funded companies are building out platforms and they have limited amounts of content to actually serve up to customers, I’d say that there’s a great opportunity for a company like ours.”

Great opportunity – kerching!

“I think for starters they will all try to broaden the audience for gaming and make big investments to commit to doing so and that’s just helpful for growing the market,” he continued.

Big investments – kerching!

“But in each case, none of these platforms can succeed without great content and truthfully, they don’t really know how to make it.”

But Activision do – kerching!

“So when you think about what will be required, it will be support from us to allow them to actually build audience. And I think that we have a better opportunity than most to capitalise on all these new platforms that will be there.”

Kerching kerching kerching!

It sounds like if the price is right, and that price might be rather high because Google have lots of cash and Acti have lots of games, that many of Activision’s titles will end on Stadia. Whether or not Stadia is good enough to run Call of Duty at 60fps without a hint of lag still remains to be seen.

Stadia is launching in 2019 in US, Canada, UK and Europe, and can run at up to 4k at 60fps with HDR and surround sound, all streamed through the standard Chrome browser. Stadia will support existing controllers but will also have it’s own controller, for more on the system click here. 

Source: VGC

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