More hints that Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 4 is on the way, possible release date and reveal date

Either there is a very impressive disinformation campaign going on on 2019’s entry in the Call of Duty franchise is Modern Warfare 4. The latest none-to-subtle hints have been dropped by former Call of Duty spokespersons Robert Bowling who posted this picture.


As you can see the ‘3’ from ‘MW3’ has been wiped out, which would suggest his lack of sleep is due to playing Modern Warfare. But which one? Robert was asked where the missing digit had gone and replied…

Subtle as ever Mr. Bowling. Earlier this month Robert dropped another hint, Twitter user ‘Pickford’ responded to a video that, again, suggested Modern Warfare 4 was on the way, and posted “I’ll shit myself if it’s Modern Warfare”

Bowling tweeted back “You better buy some brown pants.”

Still on Bob, he’s also tweeted what seems to be release date for the game, 10th October 2019

Then there’s this…

And this…

Quite why old Bob is leaking stuff like this seems a little odd, he doesn’t work for Activision anymore and didn’t leave them on good terms. Maybe he has patched things up and is back working for Infinity Ward?

Other leaks for Modern Warfare 4 include Tennessee Titans Quarterback, Marcus Mariot who was spotted on a twitch stream of Fortnite being asked off camera what his favourite Call of Duty was. He replied that is was “Modern Warfare, I just played the new one.”

Marcus was one for four players who had enjoyed a preview of the next Call of Duty just days earlier. Eurogamer have also been less than subtle with their hints, if you looked closely at the report below and take the first word from the first four paragraphs you get Modern Warfare 4.

A Gamestop employee has also snapped a picture from their internal database which shows that they will be getting Call of Duty reveal t-shirts on May 28th, so that could be the reveal date.

If there is anything left to reveal, that is.

Source: Twitter / CharlieIntel

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  1. 402’s last picture is of Ghost… could we be getting a prequel to the MW series? They had a comic book series about Ghost I think, so it could make sense.

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