Nintendo streaming a Super Mario Maker 2 Direct on Wednesday

Nintendo is going to be streaming a Direct tomorrow, Wednesday 15th May, that’ll be showcasing Super Mario Maker 2. The 15 minute Direct will be revealing a ton of information of what players can expect when they pick up Super Mario Maker 2. It’ll be a bit of a late one for UK folk though as the stream will start at 11pm BST. You can watch the Direct directly on the Nintendo website or on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Of course we’ll be bringing all the news here too, but for now you can watch the Super Mario Maker 2 release date trailer, with the game set to release on June 28th for Switch.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Be interesting to see how online is incorporated and if the game will allow worlds / hubs to be created. On one hand this could offer virtually unlimited playability but risks Nintendo seriously damaging their own future Mario titles. We shall see….

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