Nintendo Switch has passed the PlayStation 4 lifetime sales in Japan

Keeping an eye on hardware sales over the last few years has been pretty interesting, not because of the one-sided rivalry between PS4 and Xbox One, but because of the resurgence of Nintendo and the success of the Nintendo Switch.

While the Switch hasn’t actually been meeting sales predictions – from an initial 20 million expected sales last year, Nintendo downgraded it to 17 million, and then just missed that expectation with 16.95 million – it’s still been outpacing the PlayStation 4’s first few years on the market, and been keeping Sony pretty honest in the PS4’s twilight years.


In Japan, it’s been doing especially well, to the point that it’s now caught and surpassed the lifetime sales of the PS4. That’s right, the Switch has taken just two years to sell as many units as the PlayStation 4 has in five, now sitting at 8,125,637 to the PS4’s cumulative 8,077,756.

Japan has long had a leaning toward portable gaming, which is why the PS Vita managed to survive as long as it did in the market. The console has also proven the desire for a handheld device around the world, with its hybrid form factor a real selling point. Still, as previously noted, the console hasn’t quite been meeting Nintendo’s sales predictions, and that’s been spurring on rumours of hardware revisions later this year, with the possibility of a slimmed down, slightly less flexible lite model and a more powerful pro model. That could easily take the Switch to new heights, if the rumours are true.

Source: Famitsu via Nibel

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