Star Wars Battlefront II update brings much-needed change to popular game mode

The team at EA DICE has outlined another upcoming patch for popular shooter sequel, Star Wars Battlefront II. The update is expected for later this month and will primarily focus on the game’s Heroes vs Villains elimination mode, a fan favourite among the community.

Battlefront II’s elimination mode allows 8 players (two teams of 4) to clash, using only iconic heroes and villains, from Chewbacca and Darth Maul to recent additions such as Count Dooku and General Grievous.


However a common complaint is the way this mode singles out targets for each team to eliminate. This results in players ganging up on the target, encouraging bizarre, bum rush tactics and creating a weird match flow.

With this new update, DICE will remove the elimination target system. Instead, points will be granted for all hero and villain kills, hopefully changing the way in which players engage with this game mode.

In addition, the developer will be tweaking the accompanying elimination trophy/achievement to reflect these changes.

Although it made an appearance in 2015’s reboot, Heroes vs Villains underwent some significant changes for Battlefront II. In general, DICE took a new, more sensible approach to including legendary characters and how they mesh with the series’ gameplay.

DICE continues to roll out new features, fixes, and content for Battlefront II. Last month a Kashyyyk map was added for the game’s Capital Supremacy game mode, as well as updates for Darth Maul and Yoda, finally giving them the ability to block.

For those who have still yet to play it, Star Wars Battlefront II is a superb shooter. In our review, we gave it an impressive 8/10 for its addictive multiplayer and stunning recreation of the film franchise, both in terms of visuals and audio work.

However, the game’s loot boxes and misguided attempts at monetization received some much-deserved backlash from players and critics.

Source: Official Star Wars Battlefront II forum

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