Codemasters announce a new GRID racer, coming out this September

Codemasters have announced a brand new entry in their long dormant Grid racing series, set to come out this September for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Update: I’ve now found it on the YouTubes, but the original description is below because I had fun writing something stupid. Well, more stupid than usual.


Unfortunately, this being an IGN exclusive, we can’t embed the announcement trailer, so you’ll either have to visit IGN, or read our description of what happens.

OK, so it’s a PEGI 3 game, probably because nobody gets hurt when these cars crash. As soon as you see a car, though, it’s a Porsche that’s spinning around. Is it doing doughnuts? There’s a lot of smoke. Oh, and some flying tyres. Huh, it seems that this is all going in reverse – so this implies that Codies’ pioneering rewind feature will be returning – and that tyre barrier now looks good as new. Lots more lovely smoke and spinning tyres in slow motion. The body damage on the car and the cracked window have repaired themselves, all the scratched off paint from a collision with another car (whose fault I’m sure all of this is) is being sparked back onto the car, and now we get some reverse racing. There’s a bit more crashing and spinning and then everything stops. That’s because they’re on the starting grid – grid, geddit? – and with a bit of fancy camera spinning all those GT3 Porsches are now classic Alfa Romeos, and back again. And now they’re racing forward. It looks quite pretty, I must say, and I think that’s Tokyo Tower off in the distance? Neat.

In a move that doesn’t feel confusing and muddled in the slightest, there’s no number of subtitle appended to the game’s name, it’s just called Grid, which might be intended to spin this as a series reboot. The first game was a big hit in the early days of the last generation, taking the TOCA style touring car racing and giving it a more accessible feel and no small amount of visual pizazz. Grid 2 took the series further down that path, leading to many racing fans calling for a return to grassroots motorsport, which Codies duly delivered a year later with Grid Autosport, though its launch on last-gen consoles in 2014 didn’t quite scratch the right itch.

Source: IGN

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