What We Played #400 – Dauntless, Destiny 2 & A Plague Tale: Innocence

It’s the big four-oh-oh for our long-running What We Played, but I’m feeling under the weather this week. That’s led to me, rather fittingly for this segment, staying inside a bit more and playing games.

I’ve been checking out Dauntless, though the servers immediately falling over meant I lost the night I’d put aside for it. So far it’s a very lightweight take on Monster Hunter, though the design of the different Behemoths are pretty cool. I have played some Monster Hunter World as well which may not have helped, and there was some more Final Fantasy XII which I now assuredly can say is the best Final Fantasy. In my own brain, anyway.

Gareth has been tackling our American Fugitive review and Days Gone, “which I couldn’t help getting because zombies. It’s slow to start to the point where a few hours in and it still feels like it’s just starting.” Kris meanwhile has got a nonogram app on his phone which I’m not sure is a game, but he likes it so that’s very good.

TC has played What Remains of Edith Finch, but what did he think? “The answer is it’s not much game but has a lovely story”. He also played some Overcooked, and rage quit Destiny 2. “I am FED UP of them thinking that putting a time limit on a thing equals difficultly. It does not, it’s a very lazy nasty way making the game more awkward, not difficult. I’ve also been played Mortal Kombat 11 which is.. meh, and a few rounds of H1Z1.”

Jake has also played some Destiny 2, carrying people through the game who needing weapons ahead of the new season, and some Pokémon Go! “I started playing AC Unity again too, because I wanted to see the connections to Rogue first-hand and in a different perspective.” Completing the trifecta of Destiny 2 players is Thomas: “Trying to get ready for a day one attempt of the new raid in a few weeks time, so all hands are on deck right now.”

Nicole is continuing her attempts to whittle down the backlog.

I started The First Tree. I had reasonably high hopes taking into account the indie masterpieces born of small studios in recent years but only found myself hugely disappointed. Between cringeworthy writing and a convoluted story the game simply didn’t hit the emotional highs it’s clearly striving for. I also FINALLY started Wolfenstein 2 and all I can say a few hours if playtime in is it’s “so far so good”.

Jim meanwhile has been at work on an eclectic mix of stuff. He’s still plugging away at Sekiro and enjoying it, planning to wrap it up before jumping back to Nioh. He also played Team Sonic Racing and found it much more rewarding when played online, and dug out his PS Vita for some Gravity Rush while on the go.

Steve got the platinum for the original Infamous and the recent Heaven’s Vault, as well as spending a fun evening vamping it up with Infamous’ Festival of Blood DLC. He also had a nosey at some PC review stuff, finished off Detective Pikachu on 3DS and, finally, started A Plague Tale. “That first hour is harrowing as heck and contains more heartbreaking moments than most games manage in their entirety.”

Jason played a lot more Terraria, some Dauntless, which “seems great”, some Team Sonic Racing, which “sure is a game”, and some Magic: The Gathering Arena too. He’s waiting for the next big thing to really sink some time into. Aran played the fabulous-looking Observation, and said you should “Definitely pick it up if you enjoy sci-fi.” There was also more Metro Exodus, which now that he’s out of the Volga is finally clicking for him.

Miguel has spent this week playing Atelier Lulua – “Dang, is it good! Atelier is probably my favourite JRPG series at this point.” Besides that, he dabbled a little more in Fortnite, played some WarioWare Gold again, and has been diving pretty deep into Dragalia Lost after the big Fire Emblem crossover ended.

It’s been bit of a quieter week this week, “Aside from the usual MK11 tower grinding and blackouting, I’ve been playing Void Bastards for review but I can’t talk about that yet.” Ade meanwhile has been playing EDF: Iron Rain for review, “it is terrific and rather addictive. Sure it’s a bit shonky – wouldn’t be an EDF game otherwise – but multiplayer is turn your brain off blasting brilliance.”

Lastly, Tef barely touched Apex Legends this week, but won a round when he did. Besides that he’s been checking out the real time tactical car justice of Dark Future: Blood Red States, some more Swords of Ditto, which is lovely on Switch, and attending a few events to check out the latest in HTC’s VR technology, MotoGP, and a game where you make stuff.

Now then, what have you played this past week? Let us know in the comments below!

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