Respawn increase Apex Legends Elite Queue circle damage to stop Top 5 camping

As part of the Season 1 ending Legendary Hunt event, Respawn added an Elite Queue to their battle royale Apex Legends. To enter the Elite Queue, you need to have placed in the top five of a match, and only continuing to place in the top 5 allows you to continue to compete in the queue. This one small change has had a surprisingly large impact and changed how people play the game.

Some other minor tweaks were also made, such as increasing the speed of the circles that close in throughout the match, but Respawn noticed that they weren’t having quite the intended effect. With enough health packs, some players were able to camp outside the circle as they waited to try and get a spot in the top 5. To combat this, they’ve increased the amount of damage you take per tick… a lot in the Elite Queue – note, this does not affect the regular game mode.


The changes went live overnight, as follows:

  • First circle now does 15% damage per tick – previously 1%
  • Second circle now does 20% damage per tick – previously 2%
  • Remaining circles no do 25% damage per tick – previously 5% rings 3&4, and 10% rings 5-8

Here’s what that now looks like (as shared by chinoel Deejay on YouTube)

Simply put: don’t get caught outside the ring! You will die very quickly!

Further to this, a server-side update will be pushed live some time this evening (during the working day in LA) with patch notes to come. Hopefully it can address some of the notably worsened server performance since the Legendary Hunt went live.

At EA Play, Respawn took the lid off Season 2 of their game’s content. Set to start on 2nd July and called Battle Charge, it features a new L-Star weapon, a new character named Wattson, changes to the Battle Pass, and some potentially exciting updates to the world map. Head here to find out more.

Source: Reddit

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