Nintendo confirm a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel is now in development

A new The Legend of Zelda adventure is in the works, as Nintendo teased a direct sequel to the hit Breath of the Wild. There’s no name or timeframe for the game’s development or release, but it’s in the works!

The teaser trailer had Link and Zelda journeying underground while the creepy soundtrack sounded like it was being played in reverse. Eventually a decaying, mummified corpse came back to life, its eyes lighting up before we got a look at the whole Hyrule with Hyrule castle in the distance engulfed in dust.

For more news from the Nintendo’s 2019 E3 Direct and all the other news from E3 this year, make sure to keep tabs on our E3 hub.

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  1. Well I think there’s a clear E3 winner!

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