Super Mario Maker 2 will be getting online multiplayer with friends after all

Super Mario Maker 2 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever, with a refined creation mode, a more fleshed out single player and with online multiplayer for the first time. However, two things have come in for a bit of stick: the need to have Switch Online in order to share levels, and the fact that you can’t play the new Versus Multiplayer mode with friends online.

Thankfully, Nintendo have heard the criticism and in the Nintendo Treehouse stream for the game have promised that playing with friends will be supported. With the game coming out at the end of this month, it’s too late to add this functionality at launch, but it will be added in an update further down the line.


You can watch the stream here:

We went hands on with the game a few weeks ago – catch our Super Mario Maker 2 preview here – finding plenty of new features that really justify its status as a sequel, taking the original concept and just adding so much more content to it. Multiplayer in particular is a big feature, coming in two forms. You can tackle levels cooperatively, which evokes the spirit of the recent New Super Mario Bros. titles (and lets you break past some of the more challenging levels in the game), or you can play competitively.

Versus Multiplayer can be played with friends if connected with multiple consoles on local wi-fi, but the criticism stemmed from the game not having support for this through online friends lists, which could be seen as a pretty standard feature in the modern day. I mean, imagine in Overcooked 2 had gained online, but hadn’t featured support for playing with friends?

Either way, it’s great that Nintendo have caught on. Hopefully it won’t be too long after release that Nintendo can update the game.

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